Clairemont Guest Home and Canyon Guest Home
  • For more inquiries, call us now:
  • 619-339-8528
  • or email us @ [email protected]
  • 42240 Emet Court, San Diego, California 92117
Jimmy Andrade - Administrator
Maureen P. Andrade - Licensee a man and a woman

We operate two facilities:

  • Canyon Guest Home

  • 4224 Emet Court
    San Diego, California 92117
  • Phone: 858-483-9845
  • 619-339-8528
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to care for your love ones as you would at your own home. We want to provide them a safe and loving environment. We know how difficult it is for the residents and their families to deal with the challenges that come with aging and with certain diseases. We want to assist in giving the best care by working closely with families, physicians, and pharmacies. We take pride in the care that we have provided since 1997 to every single one of our dear residents and will continue to do so.

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